How to seal a door with at-home materials? Freezing to death

EDIT: Thank you all! Resolved for now, I’ll make a new post if it continues. Wouldn’t have thought of this without your help. Wrapped a trash bag around the edge of the door and taped it on both sides; turned out we didn’t have any usable duct tape so I ended up using Velcro strips to attach a sleeping bag over the doorframe.Polar Vortex sufferer here. My bedroom has two external doors and both lack proper weather strips/sealing. One of them is so bad that there is a snowdrift in my bedroom, and the snow doesn’t melt because of the constant cold air blast. (doesn’t help there’s a crawlspace under here that has a bubble of cold air making the floor about 45 degrees) I can’t completely tape up this door because I need to get out of it every couple of days to fill the bird feeders. I also can’t get to the hardware store for actual weather stripping right away. The main culprit/biggest gap is on the long vertical side where the lock is (not the hinge). Is there something I can apply to the edge of the door to make my room less like a root cellar, just to hold over until it’s warm enough to seal it properly? via /r/DIY

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