Fixed issue with central heat, warn others

Years ago, I was trying to think of ways to help with my air conditioning bill and for some reason I decided to block off a couple rooms that were not being used (kids grew up, moved out). The method I chose was to take a full size trash-can bag and wad it up, then stick it just inside the vent where cold air would blow into the room. It seemed like it helped, or at least…it didn’t hurt.Fast forward to the first night of an increasingly cold weather change in fall. I turn on the heater, it comes on, and a half-minute later it goes off. I go to the internet and look up the make and model of central heat-A/C unit that I have, and it says there are flashing lights when its turned on, so wife turns it on while I am up in the attick looking at the lights and I watch the blinky lights that are an error code.It was the two rooms that were blocked off for A/C. I removed the wadded bags, and heat worked again, saved a $120 professional eval. Turns out its OK to do that with A/C, but if there is not enough air-flow through the system when the burner is on, then there have been instances where the burner would actually burn through the shroud fairly quick, and you would have a bare flame in the attic.Therefore…there is a pressure sensor on the HVAC output duct, and if there is not enough flow, then the pressure would build up. It only take a couple PSI to trip the safety switch.Just happened again this week. Two of the rooms in a different house have a floor-mounted grate, and they were covered by junk. Remove the junk, and heater works fine once there is an easy flow of air. via /r/DIY

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