Painting a crib?

Hi all, so the title is pretty self explanatory: we were given a crib and assorted furniture by my family as hand me downs, the plan is to paint much of it so it all matches. My husband wants to paint the crib too which I wasn’t planning on but I can appreciate that it would make things look cohesive and as the crib is gently used (scratched and a bit dented in spots) it could do with a bit of a sprucing up. Its an older IKEA crib so this will involve minor sanding and probably priming to ensure paint cohesion.Normally I use acrylic, but since cribs get a lot of use and would be potentially in direct contact with our son I was considering using something non-toxic like chalk paint and then possibly sealing it with water-based varathane (husband to do the sealing don’t worry) to make the finish glossy and more durable.Does anyone have any experience painting cribs? Using chalk paint? Any help here would be greatly appreciated, we’re due in late April so if we can get this finished mid-March that would be ideal via /r/DIY

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