Installing a gas stove. Can I add a 7.5′ flex line or do I need to extend the gas connector line?

I had a gas line extended in my basement last summer so I could hook up a gas grill outside. I had them also install a second connector so that I could someday put a gas stove in my kitchen. The line runs just below my kitchen cabinets. I cut holes in my floor and cabinet and it looks like I’ll need about 7.5′ of flex line. I’m having trouble finding anything past 6′. Also, the user manual for my stove says 6′ max. Is there a larger flex line I can use to connect my stove that I’m not finding? Alternatively, will I need to extend the gas in my basement so that the connector is closer to my kitchen and would require a shorter flex line to connect to my stove?image of basement line via /r/DIY

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