Can I use popcorn ceiling spray (epoxy resin) to PVC pipe, if I use a plastic primer?

Hello all,I am doing a film project where I need a PVC pipe to look like it’s not pvc pipe. It’s going to be attached close to a ceiling that has popcorn ceiling, and I thought it would look cool to have the pipe have the same texture as the ceiling, because that’s how the pipes in my house look. It looks ghetto and that’s the look we are going for. So my question is, if I use a spray paint primer, like Rust-Oleum plastic primer, let that dry and then try to apply the popcorn ceiling spray from a can, onto that, it if has a chance of sticking? I only have a day to complete this so it can be done the next day and don’t have time to sand down 228 ft of pvc. Thanks everyone! via /r/DIY

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