Do I need to replace my drywall if I can dry it out?

Texas redditor here. Had a pipe freeze burst and got water throughout about a third of my home. It’s actually not too bad of a situation. There’s some real awful ones out there right now.The water wasn’t more than an inch or inch and a half deep at any one place. It happened while I was sleeping, however it must have only been leaking for about 30 to 45 minutes. I got the water off and started sucking it up with my wet/dry dry vac. By about the fifth or sixth vac full, most of the floors (ceramic tile) were puddle free.I happened to have access to some dehumidifiers and have been running them with some fans. I believe I can dry out most of the drywall.I know I will need to replace the baseboards, but should I replace the drywall even if I can get it dried out? via /r/DIY

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