Excruciatingly simple question. Mounting a ceiling light

I have a new LED ceiling light which I would like to mount. I live in germany, in an apartment building so the walls are brick or concrete.So I have a hammer drill (Skil 550W wired drill) which hammers in the direction of the drill. Not back and forth. I suppose the back and forth hammering would be better but I don’t have that.However I am only able to drill to 1.5cm or so. Is there a trick to getting further that I’m missing? I’ve been trying and am now letting the drill cool off. I have a new 6mm drill bit I am using. I need to get a anchor/dowel that’s 2.5cm long into the ceiling so I can screw the light in. Any help would be appreciated. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/37zDUhp

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