Help with replacing window panes in old home.

I live in Minnesota and I’m currently looking to replace about six window panes (in six different windows) in an old home for a friend. I was originally planning on replacing the whole window, but the person told me doing that requires a permit. I’m unsure if that’s true or not in this state, but once I saw how simple replacing the pane looked I opted into that route. I’ve done a fair amount of research, but I have a few questions I need clearing up.I found a list of scenarios in which tempered glass is required. like if it’s low to the floor, or a large window. However none of these windows are like the ones described, so should I just use normal glass?Being its Minnesota I worry about the cold temperatures causing extra pressure on the glass panes and cracking them. Would cutting each side an eighth of an inch shorter on each side avoid this problem? I also worry about the panes falling out, are glazier points and glazier really all that’s required to hold the panes in? I’m a super newbie at this kind of stuff. via /r/DIY

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