Is there a way to fix rechargeable device that “forgets” it’s charged?

I have a small rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Over time, the batteries (6 VTC4 Li-Ion 21.6V 2100mAh 46Wh) have become unreliable. After being left plugged in to charge over night, it will only run for about 7 seconds, after which the charge indicator blinks 12 times and goes out. If I plug it back in just long enough for the indicator to light up – no more than 2 seconds – it stays lit indicating a full charge. If I unplug it again, it will run for around 12 seconds. Every time I repeat this process, the amount of time the vacuum runs gets successively longer until eventually (6 times or so) it runs for a decent amount of time. To be clear, I’m only leaving it plugged in each time for 1 or 2 seconds, not long enough to actually charge enough to account for the increase of work time.It’s as if the batteries are fully charged all along, but the “smart” part of the device which manages the charge/termination gets confused and shuts the device off WAY too soon and just needs waking up.My questions are:If the vacuum is indeed shutting down erroneously when the batteries are actually charged, is there a way to “reboot” things and get it to recognize the charged batteries?Or, if I’m just crazy and the batteries are just worn out, is there a way to convert the device to run straight from the AC adapter? Right now it will only charge when plugged in. via /r/DIY

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