Need help to identify if motor or switch box is faulty.

Hello there. I’m repairing my Kärcher K7. When I turn it on the safety trips. So I went to unscrew and open everything and make sure nothing was mechanically stuck. This was not the case. And I could not see obvious signs of electric issues (no smell of amperage, no black spots at the wiring) So I tried to connect the sealed (US welded) switching box (with an on-off switch and a 40uF capacitor attached to it) to the stator (no rotor mounted) and it tripped again. The AC motor has a rotor composed only by sheets of steel without wires. The stator has 24 loop entries (lots of cooper with 6 wires coming out). So there is a connector between stator and switch box. It has 4 connections. There are 6 wires coming out of the stator.Thick: red@terminal 1, grey and brown together@terminal 2, blue@terminal 4Thiner: black@terminal 3, black@terminal 4.When the switch is on I have mains in terminals 2 and 3 coming from the switch box. I could not determine where the capacitor is connected (sealed).Resistance of terminal wiring (stator side): 1&2=5.0 Ohm1&3=6.8 Ohm1&4=6.7 Ohm2&3=2.2 Ohm2&4=2.2 Ohm3&4=0.2 OhmI assume the black wires (3&4) are some kind of thermal protection.Can anyone tell me if my stator is fried or the switching box or how can I determine it? I tried to ask Mr. Google and miss YouTube without luck. Thanks for your help. via /r/DIY

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