Suggestions to repair scratches and gouges in cork flooring the image, you can see some of the scratches and gouges that we’ve gotten in our cork flooring over the years. All of the lighter colored/tan spots are scratches. We love the look and feel of these floors, but the past 5 years of dogs, cats, and kids has done a number on them. The panels are about 1/2″ thick cork and tongue and groove interlock.I’ve done some research before that said to use epoxy or sealer, but the rest of the floor doesn’t seem to have anything on it so in the test pieces I’ve done, it doesn’t match very well. With the random color pattern of the floor, I can’t just get some filler or glue because it will really stick out.I’ve got some extra panels, but I don’t think I have enough to replace all of them in the high traffic areas which have been damaged. Plus, replacing weathered and worn ones with new will also be pretty obvious and not match.Other than trying to sand and fill the entire floor (about 250 sq ft) or just replacing it, are there any suggestions? via /r/DIY

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