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Did I damage the brick behind my walls?

Alright, so full disclaimer, I'm a complete novice with home maintenance. My townhome was built in 1927 and is brick exterior and plaster and lath interior.

I wanted to hang a guitar mount in my home office, which is upstairs and attached to the front of the house, so basically on the other side of the plaster wall is the brick front exterior of my home if that makes sense.

My friend helped me pick out heavy duty anchors and told me how to drill. I also watched some YouTube videos on how to do it and felt pretty confident.

The anchors came with drill bits so I marked the spot on the wall where I was going to put the pilot hole and began drilling in and made it about a half inch maybe before hitting brick. As I did so, a lot of red debris came out of the hole and I got a little nervous that I was doing damage to the brick. I didn't expect to reach the brick, I thought the plaster would be a lot thicker.

Nevertheless, I thought the hole was deep enough for the anchor (which is about a half inch long), so I popped them both in the holes and hammered them flush with the wall and thought I was good at first. But when I went to attach the wall mount, somehow the holes in the mount wouldn't align with where I had drilled (even though I measured beforehand) – the bottom pilot hole was just a tiny bit too low and the screw was going in at an angle – and while trying to put in the screws, they just started spinning once they were in halfway. Eventually the anchors began to pop back out from the wall when I tried to put some pressure on them, so I just gave up and pulled the anchors out.

Here's what I'm left with now: https://ibb.co/48p7cp2

I have no idea what to do next. I don't know if I damaged the brick by drilling into them, or could have caused any structural issues, as I read that you can crack a brick by drilling into it… And I have no clue how to fill in the holes I made. I don't think I'm going to be able to hang the guitar mount there now, because the holes are too big, and the plaster just keeps crumbling apart the more I mess with them. I need to move the bottom hole up just a tiny bit, but I don't think it will be possible to keep the anchor in place since the hole is way too wide, so I'm assuming I'll have to fill everything in and then start over from scratch?

I honestly feel really gutted over this, as I thought I did my due diligence beforehand and watched a ton of videos, and they made the drilling process look so simple. I just feel completely defeated and sick to my stomach looking at the holes in the wall… If anyone has advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

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