First time bathroom reno. $3.5k cost, pics in post via /r/DIY

First time bathroom reno. $3.5k cost, pics in post

Budget template (actuals):

Pics before/after:

Budget was $3k, and I went a little over up to $3.5k

I did all the work myself. Huge learning process, literally spent 6 months building a reserve of funds and researching the project. Big shoutout to home renovision on Youtube! I bought this condo last year (first home) and intended on slowly renovating it so I can learn all of the skills and then start to look into a rental portfolio with these new skills. I've now refloored, receiling'd, and complete gut renovation of bathroom.

I'm right outside NYC and would presume this would cost an easy $15-20k if I contracted it out.

Some of my concerns are obviously around the tub plumbing that I did. The process seemed simple enough because I used the plumbing that was already there and just adjust to fit the new tub drain. It's all hand tighten equipment. Dumped some water through the hole and I didn't see any leaks so fingers crossed it's fine on there. I followed everything to the T, but I will of course always have some worry around this stuff. If there is a leak, instead of having to remove the tub to fix it I can just remove a small section of the wall to the left of the vantiy and work from there. Not ideal if anything goes wrong but muuuuch better than having to remove the entire tub.

My second biggest challenge was overcoming these intangible fears where i was just psyching myself out. For example, for whatever reason the idea of mixing thinset mortar seemed like this arduous process that I would surely mess up… but when I actually did it, it couldn't have been easier.

I am painfully aware of all the areas I messed up (looking at you herringbone), but it's acceptable to me. This isn't my forever home and I'll likely end up renting this place out as well. I wanted to challenge myself with the herringbone and I'm glad I did. I think there's an insane amount of value and self-challenging yourself and working to try and figure out problems. Not so much that I'm now better at bathroom renovations – but it helps you think of ways to solve problems that you didn't before.

FWIW, I have a background in finance and while, in HS, I was really interested with these kind of hobbies I never had any money or any experience to actually try it anywhere (e.g. my parent's home). Wasn't until I was able to afford my own place that I could finally start attempting this stuff.

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