Can I seal up this hole in my basement floor? via /r/DIY

Can I seal up this hole in my basement floor?

Photos of hole:
Bought a vacant house (built 1968) in Metro Detroit that was owned by a hoarder. The House itself is connected to city sewer, and has pre-sump drain tiles that feed into the city sewer.

While clearing out junk in the basement, we came across a 12" by 12" square that was molded into the basement floor. Previous owner had covered it up with a board, then stacked stuff on top of the board. It was about half full with (really nasty) stagnant water. After cleaning out the water, you can see that there's some kind of tar sealant at the bottom. which is about 18 inches deep. (the liquid you see in the picture is just some deodorizing cleaner i poured in there to help remedy the smell.)

I've had both a plumber and basement specialist out already and neither of them had an answer for what it is. It could be an unfinished sump basin, but the location doesn't make a lot of sense for a sump basin, as the nearest wall is about 3 feet away, and it's not in a corner, but dead center in the basement. There's also no inlet piping from the drain tiles, which wouldn't make sense for a sump basin. The lack of piping and location also seems to discount that it might be a rough in for a basement bathroom, and there's also already a bathroom in the basement. It might be an old style storm basin, but there's no dirt or gravel at the bottom for the water to drain back to ground, only sealant.

I'm a bit of loss, and I'm hoping that i can just seal it up, because it's positioning makes it's a pretty nasty hazard if you're not paying attention while walking down the stairs.

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