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What to do with excess water?

I recently bought a home in LA an after seeing that the downspout in the back of the house flowed directly onto the foundation, I rerouted to a rain barrel. After rerouting, I quickly realized that the 55-gallon barrel is way too small for the amount of flow. So, a few questions/things to note:

– What should I do with the excess water? I suppose I could install an overflow hose, but I don't really have anywhere to run that to. Any other solutions? Pictures here.

– We don't get a ton of a rain in LA, but when it does come, it is certainly enough to overwhelm my current setup. This single downspout is the exit for the entire flat roof (~1000 sq ft)

– Am I crazy or was the old approach (downspout onto foundation) just a horrible idea? Luckily no mold has been found, but I can't imagine dumping that much water for that many years there was good to the house

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