Is it possible to replace this office window? via /r/DIY

Is it possible to replace this office window?

My office has a nice view with a large window (width = 11 feet, height = 5.5 feet), but there is a large metal panel between the window panes that is obstructing my view. When seen from the building exterior, this metal panel does not seem to be part of the building structure – rather, it seems to be part of the window itself (see photo). My thinking is that the metal panel provides structural support for the window or perhaps insulation (we are in a cold climate)?

I was wondering what these metal panels are for and whether it would be possible to purchase a newer window without this feature? I would like to ask my company to replace this window (they have offered to renovate my office), but I want to know whether this is feasible.

I have tried searching Google, but it is difficult to find examples of similar windows or to know what this metal panel is called. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

Submitted March 16, 2021 at 12:11PM by 808x
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