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Paint Sheen Mixing for a specific project

I’m working on painting several rooms in my house. This question is regarding a project painting a nursery which is connected to a bedroom that’s already painted. I am using the same white Sherwin Williams Duration in a few rooms. I used it in Satin in a bathroom and now I am working on painting a bedroom with matte. I’m wondering if I can successfully use the satin paint as a first coat, and finish with just one coat of matte and get a truly matte finish since this room connects to another room that is already matte in the same color. These two paints are the exact same white, just the two different sheens.

I can’t find anything about this on Google because it just comes up with questions or input about mixing the wet paint with two different sheens, or painting an entirely new color over an existing paint. I’m pregnant and just trying not to save money and not have to paint a test section so I was curious of anyone else has done this.

Submitted March 15, 2021 at 03:41PM by eemiatera
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