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[Request] Dog Pulley Run

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I once saw a video of a lucky dog who had such a thing.. imagine if you would.

A temporary fence of sorts is established between two trees, let's say 50ft apart.

Attached to both trees are pulleys about 1.5-2ft off the ground, and within said pulleys is a cable that has two extensions branching off of it.

One extension (likely bungee rope), attaches to the dog's harness and is about 10ft long to give the dog room for wide births around each tree. The other is attached to a fake squirrel, let's just say two feet of cable length.

At any given time, the closest the dog can get to said toy is just out of it's reach.

I think you can see where I am going? If you're wondering, the barrier is there to prevent them from cheating and trying to catch the squirrel on the other side.

Where I am stuck though, is how can I feed a cable through such a system, with the extensions attached to it?

Any pulley I have seen is either contained (cable is 'locked' inside the pulley) or the grooves of the pulley are appropriately sized to the cable attached to it to prevent slippage.

I can't visualize how to make this work, given the knot from said extensions running through the pulley.. either it'd get stuck, or slip out.

Are there special 'T' clamps I can use to attach one cable (main) to the other (extension)?

I'm at a loss.. but my spring pole projects have turned out so well, that I would really like to build this for them.

Bonus points if you can come up with a way where I can get the squirrel extension to remain ~2-3ft away from the cable, so my dogs are only chasing the squirrel and not remaining so close to said cable.

Thanks in advance, and if we can make this happen, I promise to post videos ;D

Submitted March 16, 2021 at 01:58PM by Agronopolopogis
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