What’s the norm for using rebar in a wall made out of hollow blocks? via /r/DIY

What’s the norm for using rebar in a wall made out of hollow blocks?

I'm planning a shed to be made out of hollow concrete blocks.

Basically a concrete foundation with rebar sticking out vertically. Hollow blocks on top to create the walls. Rebar in between the blocks horizontally and through the blocks vertically. After that filling the blocks with concrete.

I have only ever helped on walls like this over at farmers in the village I grew up in. I'm not afraid of the work. I am afraid of the way they would tackle things and I'd much rather find out some of the norms for doing this.

I have already googled quite a bit but do find some contradictory/unsimilar answers. Finding the specific local norm (I live in the Netherlands and we use the NEN) is rather tough.

Would anyone here have any tips on how to tackle this? Or could anyone point me to a proper place where to find solid information? I don't mind reading in on the subject one bit.

If it helps: The current plans make the shed 3.75m x 3.75m and 3.00m tall (from the foundation 60cm below ground level to the upper most hollow block). Two meters away from it would be two concrete columns (out of the same blocks for looks). Atop the shed, and extending over onto the columns, would be a roof (wood frame, possibly metal or pvc plates on top).

If anyone has any good sources for me to dive into, I would very much appreciate pointing them out for me.

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