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Wood under concrete in crawl space???


I was cleaning out my crawl space the other day. I noticed that in the entry way, there is a piece of wood underneath the concrete wall. It also does not span the entire crawl space, just about 4'-5' and is on both sides. It is just at the entrance of the crawl space.

I have linked pictures up above. The left side is loose and I can easily move the wood. There is a hole on the entry side near the crack. The right side is not as loose and does not have as large of a hole, but you can still see a gap around it.

I have no idea why it would be this way. Can anyone shed some light on what this is here for? Also, what if anything I should do about it. Do I need to try and remove the wood and fill it in with something? Or should I just leave it and monitor for the time being.

We bought the house 1 year ago, and there were old wood shelves that prevented this from being seen before. There was a previous rodent problem, and I finally cleaned out the crawl space to better monitor the progress of the problem.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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