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Extending a Surface Mount for a PC Tower Underneath a Standing Desk

Hey! I have a very specific question about my current project. I ran into an issue while making some modifications to my home office setup, and mocked up some to-scale diagrams in Illustrator and photos of the products here in case my written question doesn't make sense.

I'm in the process of adding a large, 30×11 keyboard tray to the bottom of a standing desk that already has a large PC tower mount installed. The PC mount is attached to the desk with a smaller steel plate and (4) wood screws into the 3/4" hardwood bottom panel of the desk.

It's pretty cramped down there, and as it stands the bracing arm of the PC mount overlaps where the rails for the tray need to go. However, if I could add about 4.25-4.5 inches of space between the steel plate of the PC mount and the desk, the keyboard tray would fit above the bracing arm.

My question is how to go about adding ~4.5 inches of space between a piece of sheet metal and a hardwood surface, with an expected weight load up to 50-60lbs?

There's a little (~1/2") clearance between the desk drawers and the bottom panel, so I could drop long bolts down to the steel plate, but I'm worried that the weight will make the sheet metal pucker around the fasteners. I could just use longer wood screws and run them through some blocks of wood, but it seems like a lot of weight being held by 3/4" of material.

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