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First CNC Router – What to Look For For? Recommendations?

Hi, everyone,

I plan to start making various projects, and I plan to work with glass, wood, plastic, aluminium, acrylic and perhaps some other popular DIY materials.

The first project that I plan to work on is a big one, a custom PC case, in which I'd be working with glass, aluminium, possibly copper-nickel too, perhaps acrylic and maybe plastic (planning to get a 3D printer as well so probably won't be doing that) – cutting, carving, shaving off, etc..

My first project is the most important one to me for the near future, but since I do want to make more projects in the future, it's important to me that it's high quality and scalable and flexible for more projects – that means it not tiny, has a limited variety of materials it can work with, etc., but I'd be okay if it's not a not super sophisticated, top-of-the-line quality-wise, etc., since should I need much more I'd upgrade in the future.

Also, it having a closed space, or even better, a vacuum, would be a big plus, as it'd be used indoors and for easy and additional cleanliness (compared to manual cleaning).

I'm willing to pay a "good" amount for a high-quality one, but don't want to pay "a ton" – like I said, I've no need for now for the top-notch models.

So beyond what I said, and considering the price level, what do you think I should be looking for in a CNC router? I don't really know what parameters to judge them by beyond what I said. I've never worked with one and don't know much about them so I don't know what to take into consideration.

Also, I'd highly appreciate recommendations for CNC routers for the things I said that you think would fit my needs. I'm an engineer and a very fast learner so if there's a requirement of learning a lot to begin it'd be completely fine with me, as long a it doesn't keep being lots of work to just operate the machine in regular use.

Looking forward to start doing DIY projects! I've been working on DIY projects! I've been watching DIY videos for a few years now and finally decided to pick up the mantle and make one myself after thinking about project ideas for very long.

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