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Non-ugly temporary airtight seal on an air exchanger

I live in an apartment building with some shared ducts, though this unit has a separate heater/air conditioner that was installed separately decades after the place was built.

I don't use the existing ducts/vents at all since I have that much newer unit, and I have closed as many as I could. However, there's a big air exchanger (I think that's the right word, the place where the air gets sucked in) that is in the ceiling of the main hallway in my apartment. It is flat and only extends down abut 1" from the the ceiling. The whole vent is about 27" x 42".

The problem – the neighbor is an elderly person and hoarder with many cats. Every 2-3 days, I get a day-long foul smell of used cat litter. I've tried talking to them but it was not well-received.

Is there a way to cover this air exchange that I can easily remove when I eventually move out in 1-5 years? The smell is killing me, and at this point I'm just thinking about taping saran wrap around it, as ugly as it would be.

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