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Outdoor Firepit Help

Hello everyone, I am going to be making a budget outdoor fire pit soon. The design will be 12 retaining wall blocks for each level, 3 levels. Laid on sand, with pebbles and lava rocks inside, as well as decorative rocks lining the exterior. I will be burning wood mostly, and this is NOT be gas powered or anything like that.

My question concerns ventilation. Firstly, how important is ventilation for a smaller firepit like this when gas is not involved? My original idea was to leave a few of the blocks out of the 2nd layer and call it a day. But this is going on relatively flat ground with a hill going down about 15-20 feet away, so I was considering running pipe through (No idea what diameter) to come out the side of the hill. I was considering a 2 inch metal pipe that fed into a PVC pipe for cost reasons.

Would the pipe be more trouble than its worth, or would that actually benefit the firepit? Or should I stick with leaving a few blocks out of the side? Thanks!

Submitted March 19, 2021 at 01:46PM by dangercdv
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