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To Skim or Not to Skim

We recently bought our first home and are trying to do some things to make it feel more like “home” rather than a house, while on a budget paying for our honeymoon and wedding coming in September.

Our first project to make the house into our home is repainting the living room. It has 4 floor to ceiling windows that face dead south, so needless to say it is a very bright room. I am quite handy as I’m a custodian and building maintenance employee for our town with a background in building materials. One thing I haven’t done much of though is painting. The previous owners did a hack job painting the room before. The old mounting holes are improperly filled in, paint drip marks everywhere, bumpy finish, poor texture in the paint finish. So my question here is skim the room or don’t skim the room? I have a 360 sander with grits from 60 to 220. Will it be enough to sand it then paint or should I sand and then skim (EasySand 90) 2 coats (with sanding in between coats)? Additionally, we’re also using an eggshell paint and primer in 1 (Behr’s new scuff resistant paint in Vanilla Paste). My fiancée has insisted on a T5 finish with the bright light in the room

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