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AEG L7FEE68S Transitbolt hole

Hello Human's of Planet Earth

So today I have received my washing machine,AEG L7FEE68S, and I just opened it and was installing it as how it is described in the manual.However after I remove them, I took photos of the transit-bolt holes and the top hole has a missing part. THe place which is holing the bolt is obviously not there (like as if it has been broken/crackedMy concern is

  1. I am concerning it might cause a balance issue with the potential of vibration and sound
  2. The piece itself can cause a problem inside the machine
  3. When I wanna transfer machine in future one of the transit bolt will not function.

Since I have bought it recently, I have already sent e-mail. Can those parts can be replaced later? Or I should as for machine to be taken back?

My idea is those were there to secure machine whle pransporting, so they did their job. But I always think "it is always better to be sure than assume"; so here I am , till getting answer from the place I bought machine.

Submitted March 19, 2021 at 06:46PM by Fedtrol
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