My first DIY and I think I already messed up.. via /r/DIY

My first DIY and I think I already messed up..

I thrifted a fabric jacket and am looking to lightly splatter paint the back of it. I bought a small paint sample from Home Depot and am now learning that "fabric paint" exists.

Through an extensive 3 minutes of research I also found out that fabric paint is "acrylic polymer". The little jar I bought from Home Depot says water, acrylic polymer, and a plethora of other tongue twisting chemicals.

So I guess my question is, can I use this paint to splatter paint my jacket without the paint coming off in the washing machine and ruining all of the other clothes in there with it.

Sincerely, a person who wants to stop spending 30 extra dollars for clothes he can make himself

Submitted March 20, 2021 at 04:56PM by sadboil
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