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Removing a bathtub drain plug

How do I remove this darn thing? I've tried a slotted screwdriver (widest I've got) and tried to wedge it loose by banging it with a hammer. I can't get a hold of the inner piece with slip joint pliers because the plastic housing around the inner metal screw.

I've looked at drain plug removers but it seems to be for the cross bar drain piece not this. I've tried searching for "extra wide slotted screwdriver" and don't come up with any results that are wide enough. It's about 1 inch across the largest slotted screwdriver I can seem to find anywhere is 1/2 inch.

Is there a special tool that they made specifically for removing this? I'm sure it's badly rusted and corroded in there.

Submitted March 20, 2021 at 01:57AM by danknadoflex
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