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Removing water valves and drain pipe

I've already started this project. In the process of renovating my laundry room to make more space. There was a sink that I removed from the room and it left behind the cold and hot water shut off valves and a drain pipe, both sticking out several inches from the wall.

I need help trying to somehow cut back these pipes so that they aren't sticking out of my drywall. I plan on patching the hole in the drywall and covering the entire wall in shiplap as part of our project. I don't know what steps to take in removing these two copper pipes and one PVC drain pipe as I don't have a lot of plumbing experience. We don't plan on ever using these pipes again, and I'm afraid of how to approach this because I don't want a leak to develop behind my drywall and create a mold catastrophe down the road. I've researched the internet for answers but I can only find information on replacing old valves for new ones. I can't find anything on removing them completely.

Submitted March 20, 2021 at 09:41AM by RamRod11Bang
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