Use galvanized or stainless lag bolts for column standoff? via /r/DIY

Use galvanized or stainless lag bolts for column standoff?

I’m about to move to phase 2 of the COVID front of house reno, completed the garage top patio last summer. Now I have to make the front porch match. Prior, the column that is now an unstable looking (but very stable) jackpost was the same as the remaining one in other corner. It was shorter and base was on old patio, rotted to the point where I could push a finger through due to standing water wicking into it. I lifted all the framing 2 inches with high density foam board, working like a charm (I should post about that build). Anyway, found source for cedar that’s a bit over 6 inch square so standard 6×6 stand-offs won’t fit. I’m thinking screw in a half dozen lag bolts with about an inch of left out and secure with stainless L brackets. Not worried about the posts moving – secured top and bottom and weight of porch roof pushing down.


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