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Ceiling fan/light doesn’t work but comes on randomly

Hi. Brief background, had some work done recently and the electricians ran some new lines, one connected my bedroom ceiling fan/light to the same switch on the consumer unit that the combi boiler is on.

It worked normally for a time then whenever I turned the bedroom light switch on the light would flash on and off and the fan would groan as I'd it was starting to rotate and turn off as well.

I bought and fitted a new ceiling fan/light thinking because we had had it for 8 years or so it may have burnt out. The new one worked for maybe 2 days until the same thing happened. What is weird is that, last night for example the bedroom light comes on, on its own randomly. Last night it was 0349 blinding bright light. I turned it off at the switch, then thought I'd try the remote, so turned the switch back on but, it doesn't work to turn on/off by the IR remote.

I wonder if, potentially there may be board and boxes compressing the wires in the loft? It's anything to do with being word into the same switch on the consumer unit as the combi?

If anyone has an idea what could cause this weird behaviour I'd really appreciate it.


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