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Hearth Help!

We recently had a log roll out of our fireplace and burn through the white paint on our outer hearth. It blistered & bubbled the paint, revealing a chalky material underneath the paint. We peeled back the burnt paint expecting to repaint over it. The burnt paint came off in solid pieces/sheets. But this chalky material had obviously been burned many times before we moved in since it was showing many more burn marks than the one we had just done. It leaves a residue in your fingers when you touch it and the paint is layers thick from previous people simply painting over their own burn marks.

We’d like to repaint the hearth white but are stuck on what to do about this chalky material. We aren’t sure what it is or how to properly seal it and assume you can’t paint directly over it?? Any help or ideas??

Submitted March 21, 2021 at 08:49PM by BumbleBee509
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