Mounting Ovee Range Microwave on Plywood-backed drywall via /r/DIY

Mounting Ovee Range Microwave on Plywood-backed drywall

Swapped out the over-range microwave yesterday and it appears that when they framed the false wall (with a gap for plumbing between it and the actual wall) for that side of the kitchen they must have framed it so the studs lined up with where they were going to hang cabinets. The standard 30” space between cabinets above the range didn’t appear to have any studs except possibly all the way at the edges where the cabinets were but those were beyond the edges of the mounting bracket for the microwave. It does appear that the entire wall was built with a 1/2” (possibly even 3/4” I didn’t cut a big enough hole to measure) plywood backing under the drywall and it took a decent amount of force to screw in the three 1/4” wood screws for the bracket even with the properly sized pilot holes. Is it safe to assume that I don’t have to worry about that supporting a 50 lb microwave over the years?

the previous one’s bracket was a U shape and the vertical arms of the U extended up where there are possibly studs and had one wood screw in each while the horizontal part that mimics my current one was just secured with drywall screws.

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