Ball bearing rolling along an aluminum extrusion help/ question. via /r/DIY

Ball bearing rolling along an aluminum extrusion help/ question.

I need to build a face plate with four bearings that rolls along an aluminum extrusion, but I'm struggling to find videos online explaining the concept and or giving insightful ideas into the types of bearings and extrusion series to use.

I'm looking to do something very similar to how the hotend of a 3D printer moves along the horizontal axis.

I run into issues when taking ideas from pre existing 3D printers, they include:

  • The 3D printers use these chamfered looking nylon bearings that roll along 4020 series aluminum. I can't find these types of bearings online, and I'm not even sure if I need these specific types.
  • All the different series types of aluminum (2020, 3030, 4040) I'm looking at have a 10mm gap on every side. Standard size nylon bearings for 3d printers seem to be 10mm across, so they're too small to move along the slide smoothly (they fall right in). I can't find aluminum extrusions with a smaller gap, nor can I find a larger size bearing with a chamfered nylon outer cover.

Can someone please suggest any videos where they discuss extrusion/ bearing combinations or something similar.

I feel like starting any project has me stressing because there's so much information to dig through, and I don't know where to start.

Kind regards.

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