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Shed door leak

My shed door is a outswing fiberglass/metal door. It has always leaked a little at the bottom corners and last year I took the door down and there was no flashing under it. I put the flashing down under the door and up the frame on the sides and reinstalled the doors and recaulked everything. The next time it rained it seemed to leak even worse than before. I took the door down again yesterday and installed a seal pan on top of the flashing and even flashed more so that it ran down and out of the bottom of the frame with the plastic lip from the seal pan hanging over the door frame across the bottom. Recaulked and reinstalled the door and it is still leaking on one corner of the door. The inner lip of the seal pan is dry so it's like the water is going under all of the flashing and seal pan some how! What else can I do?

Side note The first time I removed the door I replaced the plywood flooring in front of it because it was rotted. I put a piece of pvc board directly under the door that was the same thickness as the plywood so it couldn't rot where I couldn't see anymore.

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