Anyone got a suggestion for clear coating paper? [HELP REQUEST] via /r/DIY

Anyone got a suggestion for clear coating paper? [HELP REQUEST]

So in the past I Decoupaged a bicycle with manga pages and I loved that. Only problem was it was a basic bike, with basic supplies, and basic clear coat. While it looked nice to start, it quick fell apart with paper flaking off and getting spongey from water.

Fast forward to now, I'm looking to get a brand new bike and I wanna Decoupage it again. I have the comic picked out as well as the bicycle, but not the clear coat. When I put on the clear coat, I want it to fully protect the paper so that it doesn't become a ugly mess again. Ideally, I'd like the clear coat to fully seal the pages onto the bicycle so that the layer touching the air would be clear coat.

I planned on using Mod Podge to attach the papers to the bicycle but if you know of a better adhesive, I'd love to use that as well. I want this to become as pro as I can possibly get it.

Submitted March 25, 2021 at 08:14AM by ChaoticDominance
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