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First PC Case DIY – help me figure out problems

Hey 🙂

The last weeks I designed a PC case that suits my current hardware but I bet there are things I havn't thought about. So please point them out to me so I can save time and trouble. Thanks 😀

I know its a weird design:

-big CPU cooler strapped onto GPU (I know it's a bit silly but it worked with great thermals for the last 3 years)

– I wan't to mount the PC to the back of my desk so don't worry about ventilation at the top and bottom

– I care about the case having a small hight and widht (so I don't bump my knees on it) the length is no problem because the desk is 2 meters long anyway

– The Power button and USB ports will be on the front of the PC

– the outer panels will be made out of aluminium because with my current open PC design I had interference problems with my guitar gear

I look forward to all your replies 🙂

Submitted March 25, 2021 at 01:33PM by solitaire_pro
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