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Insulation and gaps?

So my older house had wood paneling glued to drywall. After replacing the 40 year old windows, the 40 year old paneling started to fray. I removed the paneling that was glued to the drywall and obviously had to replace the drywall underneath in order to have a nice clean wall for painting.

While the drywall was down, my wife decided that the insulation was also in need of replacement due to damage, draft. The issue is that baseboard heating needed to stay in place and it was difficult to work around it. I did what I could and I think for the most part it turned out fine. The issue I have is that in some places the insulation doesn't quite reach to the bottom of the space.

In some cases, it may be up to an inch from the bottom and you can feel a little draft coming from the subfloor between the second and first story of the house.

Should I stuff some loose insulation in these areas? Also, at the top should I tyvex tape the top of the insulation against the studs?

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