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DIY or Buy? Shelving under kitchen breakfast bar

Hello! I have a kitchen breakfast bar in my apartment that I do not use. I thought about putting a long, low bookshelf under it where I can display paperback books and tchotchkes. It is approximately 36 inches high, 7 feet long and 6 inches in depth. The shelving must be freestanding, I cannot attach it to the kitchen counter, and the back must be open so I can access outlets behind it.

The only shelving I can find to fit that space are shoe shelves. I'd have to buy multiples and I don't think it looks very nice–they really look like shoe shelves! Since this will be a focal point in my home I have thought about building the shelves myself

I'm not much of a DIY'er and I would love some advice! I don't have a saw so I'd have to get my wood cut at Home Depot when I buy it. I could also semi-DIY something found in-store but I haven't found anything skinny enough to do the job.

Submitted March 27, 2021 at 09:20AM by PeaceLoveandCats6676
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