Help in understanding the role of the second subfloor via /r/DIY

Help in understanding the role of the second subfloor


We have decided to take down some walls and replace floors in Laundry/Kitchen and Foyer.

Upon starting the demo PICTURES, we have found that we have multiple layers in Laundry/Kitchen and Foyer.

In Laundry/Kitchen we have as follows:

1 – Vinyl

2 – Underlayment

3 – Vinyl Tile(house built in '81, no concern for ASB)

4 – #2 Subfloor

5 – #1 Main Subfloor

So given this, we had couple of questions that we hope we can find answer here.

  1. Is #2 Subfloor structural, or it is just there to acts as underlayment to level the Vinyl Tile? Because as you can see in pictures, Dinning room does not have said subfloor.
  2. If, that #2 Subfloor is not structural and can be removed, and keeping in mind that it runs underneath the cabinets(see pics), would it be wise to just remove it around cabinets in order to not have to detach said cabinets and countertop?

Please advise and thank you in advance.

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