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Raised metal flange with gap around one edge

We saw some water damage on the ceiling of a lower level and believe it's coming from an upper level toilet (spread of damage pretty much stopped when we didn't use the toilet for a while, and there was a bit of water around the bolts when we removed the washers.)

Once we got the toilet removed, we saw a pretty tall raised metal flange: there's actually a gap in between the part that flares out and the floor. There's also a gap along the edge in between where the tile flooring ends and the pipe. We're planning on using a backer rod and silicone caulk to fill the gap before we finish replacing the wax ring, since we suspect that's how water managed to drip down rather than just sitting on the tile floor. Is there a better method to seal the gap? There's random lumps of grout elsewhere around the edge, but the gap is wide enough and there's nothing right underneath for grout to rest on, which is why we were thinking of using a backer rod with silicone caulk.

I personally think we should also remove all the wax underneath the metal flange, but my partner says to leave it other than in the area with the gap.

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