Attempted to change a light switch for 5 hours with no success via /r/DIY

Attempted to change a light switch for 5 hours with no success

Hi, I bought some FEIT smart wifi dimmers from Costco and thought it would be a good idea to try changing them in as a weekend project. I am not an electrician but I have some basic knowledge of circuits and I followed proper safety protocols (such as turning off power from circuit breaker). From looking at the original connections, load and neutral wires were both grounded, and two hot wires were bundled together. The neutral+ground connection was connected to the ground wire on the switch(bare metal), the hot wires were connected to a red wire, and the load wire was connected to the black wire. This looked quite off but it worked. When I followed the instructions for the switch and connected each wire to their respective terminals the switch did not work. I then tested the wires and the neutral+ground and hot+ground both gave me 120V, so I was pretty sure that I was plugging them in correctly given their output and wire color(hot was black and neutral was white). When I switched the hot and load wires the switch worked, but flickered. It was getting late, so decided to put the old switch back. I connected the hot wire to the red wire, load to black, taped up the ending to the neutral (the old switch did not require a neutral), and bundled all the ground wires and connected them to the ground on the switch (bare metal). Now the lights flickers and one of my outlets don’t work. I suspect this is due to the taped up neutral wire and that I did not ground the neutral and load wires. However it seems weird to let 120V flow to ground at all times. Can someone please explain to me what went wrong? I know that this is probably not something that I should be doing and that I should probably get a proper electrician, but with COVID still rising in the city, I would prefer if I could fix it myself. instruction for FEIT switch

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