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Home Network Rack-box

I made a DIY network rack out of a storage box and plexiglass sheet.

That's a place on the basement floor where all the network cables come together. Here I have a WAN cable (grey with red marker) and 9 cables which go to different rooms of the house.

2 cables connect access points to the router:

  • Ubiquiti PoE-powered AP
  • a typical 220V Wi-Fi router configured as an AP.

So here we have:

  1. Plastic storage box. Volume: appr. 20 liters.
    1. Made 4 holes on the bottom to fix the box to the wall (used dowel screws).
    2. Made 4 holes to hold the metal tubes.
    3. Cut a rectangular hole to pass all the cables into the box.
    4. Made a hole on the side to pass the power cable (220V).
  2. Plexiglass 5 mm sheet.
    1. Cut to the exact size to fit into the box at the desired height.
    2. Made 4 holes for metal tubes.
    3. Made a hole and track to pass the cables to the router. The line width is smaller than RJ45/Ethernet jack will fit only the hole at the end.
    4. Made holes and using a tap made screw threads to hold the router and PoE injector.
  3. Metal tubes to hold the Level 2.
    1. Cut 4 pieces of the desired height.
    2. Made screw threads inside the tubes on both side of each. One screw from the wall and one from the top.
  4. Put it all together. Used zip ties to organize all the cabling.

The top level is only for connecting router to the APs while the bottom level is dealing with cable routing, power outlets and other stuff.

Note: heating is not an issue here, so no holes for air flow are made.


Closed and sealed

First level

That's how it used to be before

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