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How to add window film to a window with grid?

I want to add heat control film to my single pane, gridded window. I have read a handful of window film installation tutorials, and most of them recommend leaving a 1/16th inch gap between the film and the frame to allow for heat expansion, since the film absorbs heat.

So my question is, since I have a gridded window, do I have to leave a 1/16th inch gap for every single sub-window? Or do I only need the gap on the perimeter of the entire window, and can have a smaller gap for each sub-window?

I am not sure if the grid is glued on top of one large window, or if multiple small window were inserted into the grid. If I had to guess I would say the grid was glued on.

Additionally, 1/16th seems like a pretty big gap that will let a lot of light in, especially if multiplied over every sub-window I have. Could I do a 1/32 gap instead?

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