Need help with wood beam and joist spans for a deck via /r/DIY

Need help with wood beam and joist spans for a deck


I'm planning out a deck layout and I think I have I have hit a wall. Initially I planned this out with deck blocks as the foundation, but I've convinced myself to just embed posts in concrete.

My biggest fear right now is that I feel that given this layout, I would have too many holes filled with concrete and their associated posts.

I have listed on the drawings below the max spans for joists and beams although I'm not too confident in the information I've found through google.

Does anyone happen to know what the maximum span is for a 2×6 beam with joists attached at 16" centers?

As well as what the max span for said joists is?

Please take a look at my current layout for reference. I've laid this out based on the spans I found through google, but my guts says that would be way too many holes.

FYI, this is deck would be at most 6" off the ground, so it's not very tall.

Thank you!

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