Utility Trailer Noob help – Axles, bearings, tires, home made? via /r/DIY

Utility Trailer Noob help – Axles, bearings, tires, home made?

So I picked up this trailer last year and have had in storage since. I did take pics and noticed at least one hub leaking. The problem I have is actually two fold; For one this is a homemade trailer so I don't have any specs to go off of, and two, I wont have access to it again until right before I need it here in a couple weeks.

I need to transport my tractor which weighs roughly 2500 lbs. The tires say they are rated at 1,000lbs. each so I'm assuming I would have to get new tires that could handle the load since this is a single axle. Pair this with the one hub with a blown seal and I'm trying to figure out where to go from here. I can get wheels/tires for $300 that are rated to 3000lbs. However now I need to replace at least one hub (why not do both I guess).

Where does the money hemorrhaging get to the point that its not worth it?

I know so little about utility trailers I have no idea if this homemade trailer is even road worthy. Anyone with more knowledge than me is welcome to chime in!






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