3 drains with no air vent. via /r/DIY

3 drains with no air vent.

TLDR; Can I add a plumbing vent only a few feet tall?

My Mother-in-law's home is rigged. She purchased a home and RV park a decade back and apparently, her bathtub, kitchen sink and washing machine have been draining freely underneath her house for years.

I'm a Carpenter's apprentice for my father's company and do work for her when she needs it because her children are deadbeats, makes her happy, makes my wife happy win/win.

Now, not being an expert plumber, I took all of the pipes where they released and tied them into an existing drain for an RV some 30 feet away. (The layout of the home is prohibitive to dig up tons of earth and I'm a fat guy. I gave it a good slope and now her grey water from those items is draining away. No problem, right?

Now there is strong gurgling sounds comibg from the drains that I fixed. I learned that I was supposed to vent the system, but it comes together outside.

My question to you keepers of DIY knowledge is Is it okay to add a vent to what I made and just run it a few feet up the house for height? Or am I supposed to find a way to tie them all in into the house and up the pipe?

I suspect that the people who "fixed" these drains for her in the first place left it draining and without venting because they didn't know how to do it anyway, and as we jokingly say in my father's shop sometimes if there's a problem "you can't see it from my house".

Thanks in advance for any answers you may be able to give me.

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