Diy travertine paver deck over concrete subdeck approach via /r/DIY

Diy travertine paver deck over concrete subdeck approach

I posted this to r/pools as well. My pool builder informed me that travertine installation is twice the price of already very expensive paver install quote, which is a non starter for me. I’ve found travertine available for about $4/sqft. Pool builder said I could elect to have them install a subdeck and coping, then I could diy travertine.

This option for me would very likely be substantially cheaper than a paver deck installed professionally through the pool builders subcontractor. A couple questions for this sub. My builder is under the impression that travertine has to be on a concrete sub deck. Is that the consensus for pool decks? I see plenty of YouTube videos of travertine patios being built out on aggregate/sand bases.

What is your opinion on the best method to lay travertine over a concrete subdeck? Given your method, how far below the coping should the subdeck lay if the coping and travertine are equal height? Or if they’re not the same height, how much space should I allot to thinset, mortar, or sand?

My experience with this type of work is I’ve built two paver patios on compacted aggregate with sand overlay bases and both turned out nice and have withstood the elements.

Additional info: Northern California location.

I’m leaning towards pavers over a thin sand layer on top of the concrete rather than mudding since this is my experience and it seems like any cracking of the concrete wouldn’t transfer to the travertine. What’s the best way to fill travertine joints in your experience and what’s your thoughts on this approach?

My deck design is rectangular and pool is L shaped. All cuts would be straight.

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