Where can I find 15ft sections of pool safety fencing? via /r/DIY

Where can I find 15ft sections of pool safety fencing?

I am moving into a house with a pool, which I need to install fencing around. It has previously had a fence installed, and has a line of holes in the deck that look perfect for this type of fence. The problem is that the way the holes are spaced, it looks like the installer was working with 15 foot sections of fence having five 36" panels each. The only kind of fence I can find is 12 foot sections with four 36" panels.

Here's a picture of some of the holes (a section where they're spaced for a gate).


I can tell the previous fence was made of 5-panel sections because the pattern of holes has 5 gaps of 36" followed by a gap of about 2" where two sections would have been joined together, followed by 5 more wide gaps. (The last gap in a section is somewhat are shortened to fit the space; I know that shortening a panel is something you can do with the currently available fences too.)

I think these holes were drilled in the mid-2000s, when the pool was built. Maybe the standard has changed since then and they aren't made in this length anymore. These are the options I can think of:

– Find a dealer who does sell fences in this length

РSplice an extra panel onto the end of a 4-panel section (not sure if there’s a safe way to do this)

– Drill new holes in the pool deck to fit the fences I have access to (please, no).

Any practical way to solve this problem that saves me from sinking 30 new holes into the concrete pool deck?

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