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Help: Repairing / Patching Cheap Particle-Board Floor

Hi all,

I accidentally dropped a ~15 lb weight on the floor of my apartment, which chipped away a bit of the veneer and filling. I can't find the piece that popped out, so I can't just glue it back in place.

Does anyone have any advice about an inexpensive way to patch the hole? It doesn't need to look 100% (or even 70% for that matter) – it just needs to reasonable enough to not highlight the issue.

I was thinking about getting some wood putty and then looking for a very small piece of similar veneer to place on it. Or I could just "paint" the woody putty finish with gray + black sharpies to replicate the stain.


Submitted April 02, 2021 at 10:39AM by FrequentFlyer223
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